Mate contains 7 out of 9 essential amino acids and nearly every vitamin and mineral your body needs. It also contains more polyphenols (antioxidant power) than any other tea-based drink, including Matcha. 

The primary antioxidant in Mate is chlorogenic acid, which is known to slow the body’s release of glucose, helping to provide a longer-lasting energy boost. Mate is full of xanthines (stimulants), including a trifecta of caffeine, theophylline (found in tea) and theobromine (found in chocolate). The latter is a is a vasodilator (the opposite to caffeine), helping to lower blood pressure and decrease hypertension. This combination is responsible for the refreshing effects of Mate without the jitters associated with coffee and traditional energy drinks. 



The chemical compounds and nutrients in Mate affect your metabolism, making your body burn carbohydrates more efficiently. Regular Mate consumption can also help to reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles, leading to a faster recovery from your workout. That's one of the reason's that Mate's so popular amongst the world’s greatest footballers.