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Millions Of People Saw Us Decide To Get Married 

We Made Each Other Mugs To Celebrate, But Didn't Have Anything To Put In Them...

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Until We Discovered The Magic Of Mate


A bit of Googling told us that it's full of vitamins and antioxidants, whilst it also has some naturally occurring caffeine

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We made a canned version to make it more accessible, added fruit to make it more palatable and we finally have something we want to drink out of our mugs! 

Neither of us drink alcohol and apart from water, most other things are packed with sugar, chemicals, sweeteners, or spike-inducing caffeine

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We speak of ‘Hearth and Home’ but the Hearth had greater significance in the Ancient World as it was not only essential for cooking food, but also served as the central gathering place for the family, where discussions were had and stories were told. 


That ties in with the sharing culture of Yerba Mate. In various parts of South America, friends and family sit around the cebador, who pours water into the Mate gourd, taking a sip and passing it on the next person. 

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The word ‘Hearth’ handily combines ‘Heart’ and ‘Earth’ and our tagline is “From the Earth, With Heart”. The first part refers to the fact that Mate is from a plant family that is amongst the most nutritious in the world and the second points to the fact that our flavour comes from real fruit juice, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Our ingredients are natural and they taste great too! 

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